Daddy G - led ceiling

Project Info

At the Laboratory Crash of Bologna, the collectives Bandolero Movement and Bologna Underground Movement entrusted us the task to conceive a Led design installation with the aim to visually complement the show of the well known british musician Daddy G., founder of the Massive Attack group. In accordance with the ideas that animate us related to artistic experimentation and the displaying of sound pulses, we imagined and created an installation of Led Mapping. The ceiling of the Laboratory Crash has been turned into a sky of lively lights interconnected through the installation of eleven rows of Led bars with four different forms. The geometry of the structure has been developed in perspective and in depth along the entire surface of the Main stage, in order to display the visual pulses to all the present public, also the one in the rear, and to obtain the best involvement. The interaction between lights and sounds has been obtained thanks to the use of softwares like Modul8 and Madmapper, connecting the live performance of Daddy G. to the visualization of RGB colors, typical of the digital universe. The Led mapping installation has been the only light source for most of the party, contributing to create a captivating atmosphere, able to stop the senses of the spectators in a whirlwind of lively stimulus.

Project details

  • Service: Led mapping
  • Date: 07 may 2015
  • City: Bologna
  • Client: Bandolero Movement & B.U.M.
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