We work at the creation of customized services for communication purposes. We design audiovisual, light and interactive installations by using motion graphics, 3D, live action, visual arts and projection mapping. We work also to enhance the corporate image and visual identity of brands and products with graphics contents and photo/video production.

Visual Design

Video mapping - Live visual - Led mapping

We perform projections and video mapping suitable for entertainment and corporate communication.


Video mapping is a 3D projection technique that allows to animate architectural structures, geometric surfaces and ad hoc installations. These are “intelligent” animations designed and programmed to interact realistically with each point of the scene in perfect sync with the music.

From the launch of new products to the opening of spaces and stores, the video mapping is also perfectly suited for events with promotional and commercial purposes. The result ensures a strong emotional impact, able to convey information in a versatile and innovative way.

In Live visual video becomes key player of impromptu performances and permanent and semi-permanent installations able to interact with music and special effects.

Led Mapping is a Light Design instrument which consists in the integration of led lights into video mapping performances. The use of led strips allows to ideate and achieve adaptable structures that can extended on a bidimensional or tridimensional plan, which makes them real sculptures of led lights.


Creativity, multimedia and communication with the purpose of promoting and enhancing distinctive elements of a brand.


Brand video mapping allows to transform a customized structure, a reproduction of the brand or its specific element in a display on which to project 3D animations and motion graphic visual effects.


Trade and promotional events, in and out of store, conference and conventions, shows, exhibitions and presentations. The Brand video mapping turns the communication activities planned for such contexts in an interactive and multisensorial experience.


Brand video mapping innovate communication activities, support goals and values, inform, engage the public, surprise the customer to best represent the brand value. In Brand video mapping the product and its visual communication merge in an art work.


Graphics - Video - Photography

With modern equipment and qualified personnel we create editorial graphics, photos and videos reportage.


We work to custom graphics services, such as corporate image and publications for marketing and advertising campaign.

Computer graphics and modeling allow us to create realistic three-dimensional productions for advertising, web design, industrial and architectural design. We develop logos, business cards, brochures, letterhead and institutional layouts, illustrations and advertising graphics. We prepare layouts suitable for the Web and for print in any format.

We are in video production business with shooting, editing and post production of teaser for conventions, corporate presentations, commercials, infographics, video art and visual design.

We produce photo reportage for commercial meetings, cultural events and entertainment shows. We also develop specific photography services for on line and printed marketing campaigns.

We take care of every detail in shooting and post production, examining with the customer the better strategy to get the most out of each photo.

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