Interactive led tunnel

Project Info

After the edition of 2014, also in 2016 we participated at Art City Night, the art and culture festival that takes place in the city of Bologna. For this edition we created an interactive Led installation at the Studiolo, artistic laboratory open space located in the university area. Along the corridor of the atelier we arranged two parallel strips of LED lights, creating a suspended tunnel of lights. A Kinect camera, programmed with Quartz Composer and MadMapper, detected the movement of bodies and activated the LED strips. So, at the passage of the guests, the tunnel illuminated them. The interaction between space and passers turned a simple corridor in a dynamic tunnel of lights.

Project details

  • Service: Led mapping
  • Date: january 2016
  • City: Bologna
  • Partner: Lo Studiolo
  • Event: Art City Night 2016
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